Why Become a Certified Affordable Housing Provider®?

You could be missing out on millions of dollars in lost revenue. Just about every real estate professional has at one time or another come across someone they just couldn’t seem to help due to poor credit, a recent bankruptcy, or down payment issues. Nearly 80 percent of American’s cannot qualify for a traditional bank loan. Most of us shrug our shoulders and reluctantly move on to the next deal. But what if there was a way to secure those difficult sales and make a pretty good profit doing it? For more than 30 years Lou Brown has been teaching real estate investors how to buy, sell, and hold real estate the right way. And like most successful business people, Lou realized that when it comes to real estate investing, the right formula makes all the difference. Having the right systems in place can be the difference between scratching out a few dollars on a deal, and making thousands.

The Certified Affordable Housing Provider® designation is the culmination of Lou Brown’s 30+ years of experience in real estate.

Now you can get the tools, training, technology, and team you need to generate higher profits and turn more deals into cash cows by becoming a Certified Affordable Housing Provider®. This unique approach to buying, selling, and holding real estate in today’s market puts you in the driver’s seat on every deal you do. Lou shows you how to attack the real estate investing market from a unique angle that allows you to work with buyers and sellers that the competition can’t help – and make serious money doing it. More than 100 million American’s don’t own their own home. Many of them are searching for a solution. Certified Affordable Housing Providers® are that solution. This unique approach to real estate ensures that you have the resources you need to make any deal profitable.

This a huge opportunity to make the kind of living you’ve dreamed of, while helping others achieve their dreams of home ownership.

Join the thousands of real estate professionals building personal wealth and making a difference in the lives of others by becoming a Certified Affordable Housing Provider® today! Get CAHP Certified