About Certified Affordable Housing Provider® (CAHP)

Louis “Lou” Brown, Founder

The CAHP program was created by Louis ‘Lou’ Brown. After seeing his single mom get turned down for the purchase of a home in his childhood, he saw that she gave up hope and never tried again. After being raised in a run down tiny apartment, Lou wondered if there was a better way. Lou discovered when he bought his own home at the age of 19 that people could buy a home without qualifying for a loan the traditional way . This was a life altering discovery. Later he realized everyone could learn and duplicate what he had done and began teaching it.

This system has proven successful time and time again. Hundreds of homes are bought and sold each month by Certified Affordable Housing Providers®

He did not stop at one home and over the years bought hundreds. Remembering the tough times that his mother and he had gone through, he set out to create a process that would allow anyone, regardless of credit or background, to have a future. The hope and dream of home ownership could become a reality for the millions that are in positions like he and his mom. Finally after giving many people the ability to someday own a home, he created a branded program. The ‘Path To Home Ownership’ began giving people hope and a true plan to achieve just that. With the help of others he was teaching the system to he then developed cutting edge marketing and processes to quickly deliver the PTHO to hopeful homeowners across America. Now this business plan, marketing materials, technology and lead generation are available to not-for-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, and mortgage brokers. This training and marketing program called ‘Certified Affordable Housing Provider’ delivers a certification, all the tools and a license complete and ready to use.

Join us today to expand home ownership provided by people like you who want to improve their own lives by helping others.

What could be better? Helping others while helping yourself and your family.

If you are a business providing homes to deserving families or want to be one, become a Certified Affordable Housing Provider™

CAHP’s are well trained and have access to tested and trademarked tools that help them to market to and attract people who may not be able to buy a home now but have interest to do so in the future. Our training shows you how to turn this opportunity into a sustainable long-term business model. Currently hundreds of local CAHP’s are providing thousands of individuals and families the opportunity to someday own a home of their own. This designation is open to licensed Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Not-For-Profit organizations PLUS non-licensed housing entrepreneurs, housing investors and real estate investment companies.

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