Become an Affiliate

Thanks for being a part of the CAHP family. You’ve seen the power of the brand and the value of the Tools, Training, Technology and Team™ Street Smart® offers. You likely have family, investor friends and others who are or want to be real estate entrepreneurs.

We appreciate your business, your support and your referrals. Referrals are our best marketing source and the sincerest form of respect you can give. We want to pay you for your referrals!

1) You will be paid 10% of all Street Smart® products on anyone you refer that joins us.
2) You MUST register your referrals to qualify for payment. Any referrals already in our system do not qualify. You will be notified.
3) Let them know you are referring them and that they will begin receiving emails and a call from us to invite them to sign up for a webinar to give them more information and invite them to the first step in certification – our next Millionaire Jump Start® event . 

If you have a large list or following please call to discuss additional options. 

Thanks for your trust and we promise to serve your referrals well. If you feel at any time we have not, let us know immediately and we’ll work to make it right. 

Click here and enter their contact info. You’ll receive a Thank You email from us to verify that the referral registration was successful. 

Looking forward to sending you checks!